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New Born Decoration & Souvenirs


Because we know that having a baby might be the most important event of your life, we’ve created an awesome collection of decoration and souvenirs items that are perfect for celebrating the arrival of your adorable little baby.

100% handmade, our new born items come in different color themes and styles. Our designs are pretty, happy and unique.

Decorative items

  • Stands (Stands include a static part and a movable tray)
  • Balloons (beautiful combinations of pastel opaque, transparent and foil balloons in form of balloon bouquets, balloon persons, columns and arches)
  • Candy & chocolate bouquets (These make the cutest gifts ever!)
  • Wreaths (to hang on the baby’s room door or in the hospital)

Chocolate, sweets & Favors (Souvenirs)

  • Wrapped chocolate: sweet, semi-sweet, dark or filled chocolate are available in different sizes and shapes to pick from. Our chocolate wrapping designs are pretty, chic and customizable
  • Gifts: We offer a variety of cute new born souvenirs items beautifully wrapped in cellophane, pouches or clear gift boxes.
  • Candy cones: decorated cellophane cones filled with tiny coated mint chocolate candy
  • Cookies: Assorted new born fondant cookies are very cute and delicious. Wrapped in cellophane and ribbons, they are very pleasant to the eye and the stomach ;)
  • Mlabbas: chocolate, almond or pistachio mlabbas come in different sizes and colors. Can be wrapped in tiny cellophane pouches or bought in bulk